Spice Corner is 10 years old well renowned Indian restaurant where both owners and staff have extensive experience of the industry. We know that you customers mean everything to us and that is why we want to create an experience where you can enjoy a good meal in a relaxed atmosphere. We have room for 65 guests indoors and when the weather permits 55 guests outside on our terrace. Of course you can also order for pick-up! Our goal is simply that when you leave Spice Corner you should be so satisfied that you have a smile on your face!

Our Dinner Menu


1. Papadam

Två skivor krispigt bröd med mangochutney

2. Veg Samosa

Indisk Grönsakspirog

3. Meat Samosa

Indisk köttpirog

4. Spicy Tomato Salad

Tomatsallad med färsk ingefära, vitlök och koriander

5. Chicken Tikka

Marinerade och lerugnsgrillade kycklingfiléer

6. Onion Vaji

Friterade lökringar med myntsås

7. Veg Pakora

Friterade grönsaker med myntsås